Thunder Road SpeedBowl
Make-A-Wish Night

Brett Wheeler Scores Hard Earned Victory on Make-A-Wish Night
Mike Billado, Alan Maynard, and Jennifer Getty Victorius  

Brett Wheeler outlasted Joey Becker in a side-by-side duel of front row occupants that went on for the full 50 laps of the Make-A-Wish Late Model main event Thursday at Thunder Road.

 Wheeler had to command the outside lane to land his 2nd win of the season in the Spherion Chevy No. 1. Becker led the first 16 laps as well as laps 26-30 and 32-36.

 Neither Wheeler nor Becker could have survived a misstep as 16 year-old Emily Packard arrived at their spoilers on lap 36. Packard got a wheel ahead of Becker as the trio encountered a lapped car, but Becker hung tough for runner-up honors.

 Scott Payea was a close 4th, three car-lengths ahead of point leader Derrick O’Donnell. Nick Sweet, Cody Blake and Eric Chase were next in line.

 “It was a lot of fun racing with Joey like that,” Wheeler said.

Street Stock Disqualifications

Thunder Road Street Stock Disqualifications Announced

Following last Sunday’s (8/11) 50-lap Street Stock special at Barre’s Thunder Road, engines were torn down and checked. Thunder Road officials have announced the engines of #38 five-time winner Greg Adams, Jr. and the #16 Dean Switser, Jr. were both found illegal. Adams engine was illegal due to piston and camshaft issues, while the engine of Switser was illegal with camshaft issues. The #92 Garry Bashaw was also found illegal in post race inspection for an illegal carburetor and refusal to allow his motor to be torn down.

Adams, Switser and Bashaw have all been disqualified from Sunday’s Street Stock event. The motor infractions have resulted in a complete loss of points for the 2013 season and all three competitors found illegal have been suspended from racing at Thunder Road or any ACT-sanctioned event for the remainder of the 2013 season.

The engine of #50 Tommy “Thunder” Smith was found legal in post race inspection. He has inherited the win for Sunday’s Street Stock Special.

Bobby Allison at Make-A-Wish Night

Legend Bobby Allison Coming to Make-A-Wish Night
Thunder Road Also Hosting Annual Run-What-U-Brung

NASCAR legend Bobby Allison will visit the Barre highbanks as Thunder Road will be back in action this Thursday, August 15 with Make-A-Wish night presented by Bond Auto Parts. Allison, one of the winningest drivers in NASCAR history, will be on hand to sign autographs for the fans as part of the Vermont Governor’s Highway Safety Program. The evening will feature three (3) Thunder Road divisions, Late Models, Tigers and double features for the Street Stock plus the annual Run-What-U-Brung.

The Run-What-U-Brung allows the average fan a chance to tame the Barre highbanks in their street legal, registered and inspected vehicle. All they need are long pants, long sleeve shirt, helmet and a pit pass. The elimination match races (one-on-one) are one lap each until only the champion is left standing. Past Run-What-U-Brungs have seen everything from bread trucks to jacked-up trucks to two-door hatchbacks.