Thunder Road SpeedBowl
Driver of the Day - Shawn Fleury

Driver of the Day: Shawn Fleury

For a record setting third time, Shawn Fleury claimed the Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen Championship and the $1,500 point fund check. During this veteran’s storied career, he has become a leader both on the track and in the pit area. He is one of the most respected and respectful drivers the division has ever seen. In 2013, Fleury used consistency and his 14th career feature win in the Mid-Season Championship to hold off some very stout competition. His 14 wins solidify his spot with the second most wins in the history of the Tiger division. That’s where he will stay for the time being as he will make the jump to the Late Model ranks for the 2014 season.

2013 Stats – 1st Place
Starts – 17
Wins – 1
Top 5s – 6
Top 10s – 11
Avg. Fin. – 8.5

Driver of the Day - Bunker Hodgdon

Driver of the Day: Bunker Hodgdon

After finishing third in the standings for the past two years, Bunker Hodgdon finally captured his goal in his sixth season and became the 2013 Allen Lumber Street Stock Champion, claiming a $600 point fund check. The self-proclaimed “Hotshot” led the division with the most top fives with 11, and the most top tens with 17, out of 18 starts. His consistency week in and week out, along with his 4th career feature win, are what earned him the 2013 Allen Lumber Street Stock title. His extreme determination and competitive drive are traits that all rookies should take note of if they wish to be successful race drivers. While his outing in the Rough Rider division left something to be desired, his season behind the wheel of his bright orange Dodge was truly worthy of his second track championship in two divisions.

2013 Stats – 1st Place
Starts – 18
Wins – 1
Top 5s – 11
Top 10s – 17
Avg. Fin. – 5.4

Driver of the Day - Nick Sweet

Driver of the Day: Nick Sweet

Nick Sweet is a two-time “King of the Road” who had nearly every accolade possible heading into the 2013 season. From track championships, to wins in the Governor’s Cup, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Merchants Bank, he had nearly every big win. During the 2013 season he filled in the few holes he had left on his resume. He added another Thunder Road win to bring his career total into double-digits, finished 2nd in the standings claiming $3,000 in point fund money and secured the Vermont State Championship, all by September. But he had his most important victory yet to come. With all the wins and titles there was still one glaring omission, the Milk Bowl. This driver and his family-led team used consistency to claim the $10,000 check and a kiss from the bovine trophy queen.

2013 Stats – 2nd Place
Starts – 14
Wins – 1
Top 5s – 5
Top 10s – 10
Avg. Fin. – 8.1