Thunder Road SpeedBowl
ACTion News 3/14/05
With the first day of Spring just a few days away, we’re feeling optimistic and believe that the snow gods will take a vacation soon. As we write this week’s column, though, the white stuff has again begun to fall, and is attempting to re-cover all that was plowed in the past couple days.

Think sun, warm weather, and stock car racing, folks, and we’ll get through this! If not, we might require our ACT Late Models to run chains on their tires, and we’ll find a frozen pond in New Hampshire to run the season opener in place of Lee USA Speedway. At the halfway point in the race, we get out and have an ice carving contest with chainsaws (as demonstrated by Dave Pembroke, left) – the winner gets 10 bonus points toward the 2005 title!

ACTion News 3/07/05
Now that Race-A-Rama has (successfully!) come and gone, it’s almost time to begin thinking about opening day. For the third time in ACT Late Model Tour history, the season opens in the Granite State, at Lee USA Speedway in Lee, NH (right). ACT regulars will go head-to-head against the Lee USA Late Models, in an event with more twists and turns than the old road course at Bryar Motorsports Park.

Among the 34 pre-entered ACT drivers, the newcomers almost unanimously have the same objective – just qualify. We caught up with rookies Marc Curtis, Jr. and Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. at Race-A-Rama, and they echoed each other’s sentiments. “My main goal this year is to qualify for every race,” said 21-year old Spencer, MA driver Curtis, “and then we’ll work on finishing them. There are so many talented racers in ACT that just keeping up with them will make us feel good as a team. Jean-Paul Cyr, Brent Dragon, I’ve always looked up to those guys, and now I have a chance to race with them.”

ACTion News 2/28/05
Countdown to Race-A-Rama, as of February 28: 4 days.

Countdown to University Mall ACT Car Show: 32 days. (Brent Dragon's #55 and Jean-Paul Cyr's #32 at last year's show, left)

Countdown to ACT Late Model Tour opener at Lee USA Speedway: 55 days.

Countdown to Merchants Bank 150 Thunder Road season opener, potentially the day of the first Warrior flip: 62 days.

See race fans? It’s not that far away. Race-A-Rama at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA will kick things off this weekend, Friday through Sunday. Stop by the ACT booth and catch up with rookie “Joey Pole” Polewarczyk (Polewarczyk's proposed '05 paint scheme, right) and hot dog David Avery, who set ACT Nation on its head with a near-win in the New England Dodge Dealers Milk Bowl last October.