Thunder Road SpeedBowl
Barre, Vermont native, Nick Sweet is not your average sophomore competitor in the NAPA Tiger Sportsman division. The 21-year-old driver races side-by-side with veterans such as Chuck Beede and Doug Murphy and doesnt let it faze him. When Im racing door-to-door with someone I dont think about who it is, I just know that its another car I need to pass in order to get to the front. I try to race everyone as clean as possible, I dont let names and titles decide who I race hard. Sweet has had a successful racing career in his short time behind the wheel. In 2003 he earned the Allen Lumber Street Stock, rookie of the year title. In 2005 he clinched the same title in the NAPA Tiger Sportsman division. Since Nick started racing in 2003 he has finished second place in points each season.

Thunder Road Used In Book Research
Erik Esckilsen, a "teen-lit" writer and Burlington, VT native will read from his new novel for teenagers, "The Outside Groove" at 7:00 pm, Wednesday, May 31 at Barnes & Noble in South Burlington, VT.

In researching his book, Esckilsen spend time at Thunder Road Int'l Spedbowl, the internationally known high banked, quarter-mile stock car race track in Barre, VT. In addition to talking with many competitors, Esckilsen also drove a race car as part of his research. The book is his third for young adult readers.

"The more I write for teenagers," he said in a release, "The more convinced I am that the primary job of adolescent remains fundamentally unchanged from what it was in my own teen years - to somehow get through it."

NAPA Tiger Sportsman driver, Doug Murphy was raised in Middlesex, Vermont as the only child to Adrian and Gloria Murphy. The pair, devoted to their sons racing, can be found Thursday nights in the #4 Tiger pit, offering lap times, support and mechanical adjustments.
The veteran driver recently purchased a home in Tunbridge, Vermont with his fianc Mary-Lou, they plan to be married by the end of the year. Doug has been a staple in the Sportsman division for 17 years, hes gained a lot of experience at area tracks such as Thunder Road, Airborne Speedway and White Mountain Motorsports Park.
A lot of drivers say their goal is to win races, having already done that at the season opener in Barre at Thunder Road Speedbowl, Doug has had to change his goal for 2006 a bit Ive never won three races in a season so Id love to be able to accomplish that. Crew members Ray St. John and Charlie Lakin help Gloria and Adrian prepare the car for Doug, by lending their talent and knowledge to the family team.
During the winter Doug can be found at a bowling alley. In 2005 he was inducted into the Vermont State Hall of Fame for his bowling achievements. Part of his success includes five perfect games (a 300 score). During the 2005 winter he bowled 99 games as a part of his league in St. Johnsbury.
While Murphys inching closer scores of professional bowlers he is not giving up on his Sportsman competition as he plans to run the entire American Canadian Tour Tiger Sportsman Series events and Thursday nights at Thunder Road Speedbowl in Barre, Vermont competing in the NAPA Tiger Sportsman class. I have a great car this year, its brand new, Chuck Beede (a fellow competitor) built it and the first race out we won. I am looking forward to a summer full of racing.

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