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Thunder Road and ACT Tour Fans Should Weigh In
Dick Berggren’s Speedway Illustrated Magazine is bringing back the late winter car show at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA. A new, exciting race car and trade show called SpeedwayEXPO will debut on Friday, March 2 through Sunday, March 4 (visit for more details).

As part of the revised and expanded show format, the founders will be celebrating Northeast racing with the “Speedy Awards”. The Speedy” is a prestigious honor that will be bestowed by you, members of the racing community. Members of the Speedway EXPO staff have compiled a list of candidates in each of nine categories (go to to find their suggestions), but racers and fans are encouraged to make their own nominations. To nominate someone in one or more of the categories (a brief explanation is below of the criteria accompanying each category) you need to send in a brief explanation why your nominee is most deserving. Nominations can be e-mailed to or use the “submit here” button from on their website. Each submission must be accompanied by the nominating person’s name and a valid e-mail address.

The “Speedy Awards” are not a popularity contest, where the most votes will guarantee an award. The awards will be presented following a review of each nominating statement by a distinguished panel of judges. A special presentation will be held on Sunday, March 4 at the SpeedwayEXPO to honor the recipients.

To the entire ACT and Thunder Road contingent of racers and fans in the US, Canada and farther afield, we need your help to make nominations of the drivers you feel are most deserving. There needs to be representation from the northern part of the Northeast!

The categories:

Break-Out Racer of the Year (Roger Brown for his exceptional season, a top five point finish and a win at Seekonk comes to mind as does Joey Pole who set a new Thunder Road track record in the Milk Bowl for the pole and ran to a third place finish come quickly to mind as possibilities although there are more who fit the bill). Weekly racers are also eligible for this award

Long Haul Award (for the driver who has exhibited major “Staying Power” in the sport for prolonged and continued high-level performances). How ‘bout Joey Laquerre, Claude Leclerc or Yvon Bedard – all are legends in the sport although they might not like to be reminded of their longevity behind the wheel.

Best Weekly Racer – the list of potential nominees from Thunder Road long.

Best Northeast Touring Racer – Another long list of ACT racers comes to mind.

Best Weekly Show – ‘nuff said!

Best Individual Performance in an Event – Pick any of the events on the 2006 ACT Tour or the Quebec Late Model Series as well as at Thunder Road and the list is almost endless.

Best Individual Promotion – The Merchants Bank 150? ACT’s return to Sanair? The Bond Auto Labor Day Classic? The Milk Bowl? Take your pick of one of these or a different one and submit your suggestion.

Best Series or Track Coverage – This can be for a newspaper (daily or weekly) or a website.

Best Fan of the Year – Nominate yourself or someone you know who is dedicated and why.

Outstanding Contribution Award - Who makes a difference?

The Solid Lifter – An award for a non-racer. Recognizes the strength of a behind the scenes person.

There you have it! Put on your thinking caps and make some submissions to make sure ACT is represented. Nominations will be accepted until February 18 (that’s next Sunday!).


1. Where do you call home?
Barre, Vermont

2. What do you do for a living?
I am a UPS driver.

3. What are your racing plans for 2007?
We will be fielding a Flying Tiger for 2007.

4. How did you get started in racing?
My dad raced at the old Can-Am Speedway in Newport, VT, so when I became old enough, I bought an enduro car and tried my luck at Riverside Speedway. After breaking my back, I decided to give my body a little rest. In 2004, I bought Seamus’ championship warrior, and ran a few races at the Barre high banks.

5. What has been your best experience in racing?
Probably winning the Ed Carroll Sportsmanship award. Chuck and the girls still talk about him a lot, and how much he meant to them, so it really meant a lot, and especially knowing that it was voted on by my peers. My best friend Eddy Companion had also previously won the award, which made it special as well.

6. Everyone has a hero, who’s yours? Why?
Well, I have two. First, My father, for the day to day struggles he goes through, but he never lets bother him.
Second, Chuck Beede, my father-in-law, because he knows so much about racing and sets a good example on the track to abide by.

7. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go? Why?
I’m kind of a simple guy, so I’d probably just take my wife to Mohegan Sun. We enjoy it there, and it’s a place to relax, just as long as you don’t blow your life savings!

8. If you were going away for several months alone and allowed to bring one photo, one thing to eat and one book or movie, what would be your choices?
I have a photo of my wife and child that I think about almost daily. You never think you could think about something that much until you have a child. I’d probably bring a steak to eat, something simple. If I had the chance to bring a movie, I would have to choose Days of Thunder, I watched that movie so much in college that I could recite it word for word.

9. Name three people from any time and place that you would invite to dinner?
My wife to share our memories together. My grandfather because he could make anyone in any room laugh. Finally, Mark McGwire. Amidst his alleged doping, he was one of the most fan friendly baseball player of his era.

10. If you were the ruler of the world, what two things would you do by decree?
Ban nuclear and biological warfare, and stop senseless killing.

11. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
To see into the future to make the best decisions for everyone.

12. Pick one reality show you’d like to be on?
Not really sure, but it definitely wouldn’t be American Idol. Renee cringes anytime I sing.


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