Thunder Road SpeedBowl
2015 Milk Bowl

Billado Disqualified from Tiger Sportsman Mini Milk Bowl


American-Canadian Tour (ACT) and Thunder Road officials have announced the disqualification of Mike Billado from the Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman Mini Milk Bowl held as part of the 53rd Milk Bowl on Saturday, October 10 and Sunday, October 11.


Billado finished third overall in the two-segment Tiger Sportsman event but was found to have illegally altered tires during post-race technical inspection. Tires from the top-five finishers were impounded following the event and sent to American Racer headquarters for evaluation.

2015 Northfield Savings Bank Milk Bowl

Street Stock Milk Bowl Results Now Official


American-Canadian Tour (ACT) officials have announced the completion of technical inspection for the Allen Lumber Street Stocks following the 53rd Northfield Savings Bank Milk Bowl.


Following the Street Stock Mini Milk Bowl, officials impounded the vehicle of winner Ben Belanger. The car was subjected to a complete teardown in the week after the event.


Belanger’s car was found to be stock. The results for the event are now official. However, ACT officials may eliminate this choice for an accepted vehicle moving forward.

American Racer Three Stars Award

ACT Selects Three Stars for 53rd Milk Bowl


The American Racer Three Star program is designed to recognize three non-podium teams in no particular order of performance that had outstanding races at American-Canadian Tour (ACT) U.S. Tour and select ACT-sanctioned events. There are no specific criteria for deciding who might receive the award of a free American Racer tire (value $125.00), but a special effort by a team, exceptional race, just plain old hard luck, or any other accepted reason is used to decide the award recipients.


The Three Stars are chosen by ACT officials and will receive certificates for use of a free American Racer tire at an ACT event.