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Unbuckled: Getting To Know Mike Ziter

Unbuckled: Getting To Know Mike Ziter

Driver of the #26 VT Stone Art/Ziter Masonry Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman

Hometown: Williamstown, VT

2012: Finished 5th in Overall Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman Standings

What do you do for work?

I’m a mason at Ziter Masonry.  I’ve done that for my dad since 2002.  I’m in charge of employees, and we do a lot of commercial masonry.  I’m a foreman for the company.

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

Other than racing and work I strive to be a family man.  I really like to spend time with my kids.  I do a lot of things but family is most important to me. 

What is your biggest life accomplishment, would you say?

Probably my wife and my kids. Without them, I wouldn't be here. I don’t think there is a bigger accomplishment.

How did you start racing?

My start was fairly easy.  My wife’s uncle is Chuck Beede (4-time Track Champion), so I got right into racing with a lot of knowledge.  I was in good equipment early on, which was a big advantage.  I started helping Chuck out weekly at first, and then started in Street Stocks at Thunder Road back in 2006. 


Who is your biggest fan at the track?

My biggest fan is probably my son and my daughter.  There’s nothing better than getting a trophy for them and having them in victory lane with me.  They are my biggest fans because they support me year round, not just during the race season. 

Tell me about your family?

I have a two-year old son and a four-year old daughter.  I’ve been married to my wife 6 years now.  We spend a lot of time together, and we’re really into sports and racing.


Big Plans for 2013?

Trying to purchase an ACT Late model and go ACT Late model racing.  I think we will try and run Thunder Road full time if we can get the right backing.


State of your car currently?

My Tiger is up for sale.  That’s about it.    


Do you have a hero that you idolize or try to emulate?

I try to take after my father both in work and outside of work.  He’s a good man all around from business to personal life.  Nobody hates him.  We’ve won the Sportsmanship Award in the Tigers the past two years in a row now, and I think that’s because I try so much to be like him. 


Favorite hobbies in the offseason?

Snow-machining.  Taking my daughter to hockey.  I use to race snow-cross and moto-cross and have kind of retired now.  I spend a lot of time working in the offseason.