Thunder Road SpeedBowl
Postponed 100-Lap Late Model Special

Rain Postpones Late Model 100

Lambert, Pilotte Claim Late-Season Wins


A powerful rainstorm swept through the region and claimed the Late Model 100 lap special on Thursday, August 23 at Barre’s Thunder Road presented by Aubuchon Hardware, but not before the Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen and Allen Lumber Street Stocks were able to run their feature events.  The 100-lap Late Model event, which was cut off at lap 17, will be run after the Saturday, September 1 practice for the Bond Auto Labor Day Classic with a post time of 5:00pm. 


Essex veteran Dave Whitcomb was leading when the rains came, with Joey Becker and Ricky Roberts hot on his tail for the lead.   “Hurricane” Jamie Fisher and three-time Champion Cris Michaud rounded out the unofficial top five. 

Coming into the event, second-place point man Dave Pembroke unofficially had just a one-point lead over three-time Champion Phil Scott for second.  Barre’s own Nick Sweet has already claimed the championship last Sunday, and will be crowned King of the Road next Saturday, September 1. 

John Lambert survived a 40-minute rain delay, and a few wild spins to pick up the victory in the Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen.  Milton’s Eric Badore claimed the second position, and Barre’s Jason Corliss rounded out the top three.

The race began with two-time 2012 winner Chris Pelkey surging to a healthy lead before until a lap 20 caution when top five point driver Jason Allen lost control of his car after two laps of riding the rim of the track.  On the following caution, the inside lane ruled with Pelkey at the head, pulling Lambert and Corliss through to the front.  Lambert made quick work of Pelkey in the outside lane on lap 26, and never looked back.  He survived a restart with two laps to go when Allen continued his rough night and flew off the turn three curve.  Two-time Champion Shawn Fleury closed the point gap finishing fourth, Pelkey rounded out the top five. 

The win was Lambert’s second of the year. “I don’t know what the rain did to the track, but whatever it was, it was good,” he said in victory lane.

Point leader Nick Pilotte sent a message to his competitors with a late-season victory in the Allen Lumber Street Stocks.  Rookie Kevin Dodge stole the early lead away from pole-sitter Keith Fortier, but surrendered the lead to Pilotte on lap 16.  Pilotte endured a late race caution to pick up his second win of the season, stretching his lead over rookie Dean Switser, Jr.  Morrisville’s Jamie Davis rode a late-race surge to pick up second, and sophomore sensation Cameron Ouellette finished third.  Elmore’s Dave Whitcomb picked up fourth and Tommy “Thunder” rounded out the top five.

Jamie Benneig picked up the victory in the Rough Rider division, taking on the likes of 2012 King of the Road Nick Sweet and various members of his Late Model crew.  Nick’s brother Nathan Sweet finished second in the “Bashmobile”, and crew member Chris Laforest rounded out the podium finishers.  Nick himself was disqualified for rough driving.

The 100-lap Late Model feature will complete its remaining 83 laps on Saturday, September 1 after a 12-5 open practice for Late Models only.  Post time will be 5:00pm, rain check tickets will be honored.

Aubuchon Hardware Late Model Championship Night
Unofficial Results
Thunder Road – Barre, VT
Thursday, August 23, 2012

Late Models – Postponed due to rain until Saturday, September 1.  Post time 5:00pm.

Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen
Pos. Driver (Car#) Hometown

1. John Lambert (2) Northfield, VT

2. Eric Badore (04) Milton, VT

3. Jason Corliss (61) Barre, VT

4. Shawn Fleury (31) Middlesex, VT

5. Christopher Pelkey (64) S. Barre, VT

6. David Finck (90) Barre, VT

7. Bobby Therrien (4) Hinesburg, VT

8. Mike Martin (01) Craftsbury Comm., VT

9. Joe Steffen (00) Grand Isle, VT

10. Mike Ziter (26) Williamstown, VT

11. Randy Gonyaw (22) S. Barre, VT

12. Brendan Moodie (94) Wolcott, VT

13. Scott Coburn (1) Barre, VT

14. Dylan Payea (07) Henniker, NH

15. #Jason Woodard (68) Waterbury Ctr., VT

16. Darrell Morin (71) Essex Jct., VT

17. Josh Demers (10) Middlesex, VT

18. Jason Allen (29) Barre, VT

19. Kyle Pembroke (27) Montpelier, VT

20. #Chris Roberts (9) Washington, VT

21. Gene Welch (85) East Corinth, VT

22. Doug Crowningshield (14) Barre, VT


Allen Lumber Street Stocks
Pos. Driver (Car#) Hometown
1. Nick Pilotte (11) Jefferson, NH

2. Jamie Davis (43) Wolcott, VT

3. Cameron Ouellette (90) Barre, VT

4. Dave Whitcomb (77) Elmore, VT

5. Tommy Smith (50) Williamstown, VT

6. #Kevin Dodge (8) Barre, VT

7. Ken Christman (4) Cabot, VT

8. Keith Fortier (35) Hinesburg, VT

9. #Dean Switser Jr. (16) Lyndonville, VT

10. Troy Kingsbury (39) Waitsfield, VT

11. Bunker Hodgdon (83) Hardwick, VT

12. Donnie Yates (05) N. Montpelier, VT

13. Garry Bashaw (92) Lincoln, VT

14. Emily Packard (98) E. Montpelier, VT

15. Kyle Streeter (61) Waitsfield, VT

16. Bob Eldred (31) Waterbury, VT

17. Amanda Habel (09) Roxbury, VT

18. Gary Mullen (29) Tunbridge, VT

19. William Hennequin (47) Morrisville, VT

20. Greg Adams Jr. (42) Hardwick, VT

21. Alan Maynard (10) Fairfax, VT

22. Nate Brien (1) E. Randolph, VT

23. Danny Emerson (71) E. Ryegate, VT

24. Mike MacAskill (23) Williamstown, VT

25. Jennifer Getty (25) Cambridge, VT

26. #Kevin Wheatley (33) Brookfield, VT

27. #Daniel Brassard (32) E. Randolph, VT

28. Daniel Lathrop (6) Morrisville, VT