Thunder Road SpeedBowl
2011 Season Review

2011 Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen Championship Season Review

Derrick O’Donnell – Bradford, VT

#68 Gary Clay Builders/Perry’s Oil Service Chevrolet Monte Carlo


·        Derrick earned his first career Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen Championship at Thunder Road in just his fourth season in the division.

·        He also earned the Bond/WIX Tiger Tour title this season.

·        Derrick has won three feature events in each of the past two seasons.

·        He is tied for 19th on the all-time Tigers win list with 6.

·        Derrick’s first win of his career came in 2010. He would pick up his third in the 2010 season finale Milk Bowl weekend.

·        From the 2010 Milk Bowl weekend through the first two events at Thunder Road in 2011, Derrick won three straight Tiger features.

·        In 2011, he capped off his championship season with his second straight Milk Bowl Tiger event win.

·        Following his win on opening day, Derrick held the lead in the Tiger standings for the entire 2011 season.

·        He also held the lead through the entire Bond/WIX Tiger Tour season following his opening event win.

·        Derrick became the sixth driver in 30 seasons of Tiger competition to claim three wins in his championship season. Others include Larry Caron (’84), Dan Beede (’87), Jimmy Young (’97), Shawn Fleury (’06), Nick Sweet (’07). Eric Williams (’94) earned seven wins, while Joey Laquerre (’82), Clem Despault (’83), Chuck Beede (’85), Joey Laquerre, Jr. (’90) and John Donahue (’00) each earned four in their title seasons.

·        Derrick has finished in the top ten in the Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen standings in each of the last four seasons (1st-2011, 4th-2010, 6th-2009, 9th-2008)