Thunder Road SpeedBowl
Deadlines & Info
A reminder that the January 15 car number retention deadline is a fast-approaching. That means if you want to keep the same number you've been running, your license form must be postmarked by Monday, January 15, 2007! Licenses can also be hand delivered to the ACT/Thunder Road office in Waterbury, VT. Numbers not assigned by the deadline will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. Numbers are reserved for drivers that purchase full membership licenses only. If you purchased a "TP" (temporary permit license) during the 2006 season, your number has NOT been reserved. Even if you didn't see a particular number in competition in your division it does not automatically mean the number is available.
License fees for 2007 are:
Late Model Driver $175
Late Model Owner $175
Late Model Crew Chief $100
Tiger Sportsman $125
Street Stock $125
Junkyard Warrior $100
Associate $ 75
All license holders will receive, when available, a discounted "member" pit fee. If you have questions concerning licensing and/or number requests, contact Tina at the ACT office at 802-244-6963.

We have been contacted by several "shows" held during the off-season. Some of these events are racing related, while others are more diverse.
If you plan on having a car ready early in the winter (January, February or even March), please give the office a call and let us know your plans. We hope to formulate a pool of competitors from all divisions from which we can fill our obligations.
Also, keep in mind that the University Mall (Burlington, VT) has us scheduled in for our annual spring kick-off car show on Sat/Sun, March 17-18. With the mall now virtually filled to capacity it's a great opportunity for all divisions to showcase those sponsors you work so hard to get.

2007 schedule cards are in and available!

Race Teams in all divisions - keep your eyes open for team registration forms which should be in the mail by the end of the month. Please submit your completed form ASAP so we can have accurate information for the 2007 driver rosters we produce for the website and media. Remember, all information can be changed and updated as needed.
Late Model, NAPA Tiger Sportsman and Allen Lumber Street Stock drivers - think you're eligible for rookie status in 2007? Give us a call so we can send the appropriate form for you to fill out and return.
Late Models - all teams need to have a licensed and registered crew chief. This is for your benefit. Please submit a properly completed form as soon as you can.
Can't find your license form and need another to remain on the mailing list? Want to avoid the long lines at practices and opening events while you fill one out - call us so we can send out a replacement.

Spec engines (Late Model and Tiger Sportsman) must be registered with the ACT office EACH year. The deadline for spec engine registration is APRIL 1. Engines not registered by APRIL 1 will be subject to inspection by Butler & MacMaster at YOUR (COMPETITOR'S) EXPENSE.
Please take a moment and complete and return your spec engine registration form today if you haven't already done so.
Butler & MacMaster does needs some notice to schedule engine refreshes If you want to have your motor done this year, please contact them ASAP to get time blocked on their schedule. With over 300 Late Model engines now in the system throughout the Northeast, don't be disappointed by waiting. Their number is 207-623-2295.