Thunder Road SpeedBowl

Expanded funding for home heating help this winter remains the aim of Washington Country State Senator, Phil Scott as he plans the second annual “Wheels for Warmth” campaign. The event is slated for Montpelier’s Dubois Construction on Saturday, October 29, from 7 am until 3 pm. In its inaugural year, the program turned used tires into nearly $10,000 cash for the state sponsored “Warmth Program.”

“Even through fuel prices appear to be heading down of late, there remains a strong uncertainty in what the actual costs will be,” Scott explained. “Everyone across the region remains concerned about the amount of funding available for supplemental heating costs this winter, especially for the elderly.”

He continued, “Last year’s “drop and swap” exceeded my wildest expectations. People really seemed to feel good about the day – even those whose tires were deemed not road worthy by Motor Vehicles - were ok with that. The “Wheels for Warmth” project was and is from the cradle to the grave – we took tires that were reusable and made them affordable for people to buy. The ones that were no longer safe were kept out of our roadsides and waterways. And the ones that didn’t sell were put to further use by the people from Community Action. It was a win – win all around for everyone involved. We look forward to providing this service again and exceeding the amount we raised last year,” Scott finished.

People wishing to drop off tires can bring them in advance to Dubois Construction in Montpelier (46 Three Mile Bridge Rd) on Thursday, October 26 and Friday, October 27 from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm. Representatives from the Motor Vehicle Department will inspect tires for road-worthiness. Those deemed “road worthy” will be sorted and priced according to size. Tires not passing inspection can be disposed of at a discounted rate through an on-site service provided by Casella Waste Management. Tires can also be donated on the day of the “Swap,” Saturday, October 28, from 7 am until 3 pm.

“For this year’s “drop and swap” we will increase our donation from $2.00 to $2.50 of each tire’s $4.00 disposal fee to the Warmth Program,” stated Todd Deuso, Division Manager at Casella Montpelier. The regular tire disposal price is $5.00.

So, while you’re cleaning up around the house in preparation for winter, why not donate those good, left-over tires from that car you no longer own to a group who’ll sell them at a reasonable cost and pass the proceeds along to the Warmth Program? “We’ll help people get rid of tires they no longer use and give those looking for affordable used tires, a source of finding the right ones for their vehicle,” Scott stated. “Plus,” he added, “It will keep them out of our roadsides and waterways.”

Scott, a well known New England stock car racer concluded, “Race tires will be also be accepted - I just may have a few of those as well!”

For additional information on the “Wheels for Warmth” program contact Dubois Construction in Montpelier at 802-223-5288.