Thunder Road SpeedBowl
The summer months have been busy for young Joel Hodgdon of Craftsbury. Not only did he graduate from Craftsbury High School he also has been on a mission at Thunder Road Speedbowl in Barre. The youngster collected his first career victory early in the season. He became interested in auto racing after his father Paul won an Enduro. Paul later went on to race a NAPA Tiger Sportsman which motivated Joel to race.

Hodgdon entered an Enduro for kids at Groveton which taught him how to be patient in heavy traffic. At the age of 16 Joel decided to join the Allen Lumber Street Stock ranks in car number 36, the same number of his father’s Enduro car.

The youngster was part of a memorable victory lane at the WDEV event back in June. The top three drivers were members of the graduating class of 2006 (all from different high schools). Hodgdon can be spotted in the pit area leaning against his car chatting with other drivers, or underneath the car making an adjustment with his father and crew .

Hodgdon gained his mechanical knowledge when employed by Riverview Garage. The Morrisville garage is owned by Late Model competitor Pete Fecteau. “Pete is a great guy and I like to watch him race. He’s an exciting race car driver and a lot of fun to be around.” Fecteau isn’t the only driver Hodgdon roots for on Thursday nights he is also a fan of sophomore Tiger Sportsman driver Nick Sweet. “I loved to race against Nick when he was still a Street Stock driver. He raced me clean and I always appreciated that.” Of his new cast of “youngsters” his favorite to go door-to-door with is friend Jason Corliss. “Jason and I have a great time hanging out together in the pits and racing hard against each other on the track. It’s pretty cool that we both got our first career victory this season.”

Joel is competing in his third season in the Allen Lumber Street Stocks and will continue to chase the King of the Road crown weekly at Thunder Road Speedbowl. He is currently tied for tenth in the point standings. The 2006 Street Stock King of the Road will be crowned following the New England Dodge Dealers Milk Bowl on September 30th/October 1st.

Did you know:
Joel Hodgdon is self employed as a house painter
Joel played basketball in high school