Thunder Road SpeedBowl
The winner of Thunder Road’s Power Shift Warrior division special Fisher/Federated Auto Parts team race event was announced Friday following a complete tabulation of each driver’s performance in the competition. The winning team consisted of Sean McCarthy from Washington, Barre’s Ken Stridsberg and Maynard Bartlett Jr of Wolcott. The trio amassed a cumulative score of 20 points in the 25-lap feature race.

Team #3, represented by Frank Sanborn (Waterbury Ctr), Richard Gravel (Wolcott) and David Whitcomb (Elmore) raced to a total of 28 points to nab the runner-up spot. Neal Foster (Moretown), Kevin Utton (Worcester) and Bunker Hodgdon (Hardwick), Team #2 scored 32 points for third.

Completing the top five was Team #8 (Leonard Sanborn, David LaFleche and Jayme Lee) with 34 points and Team #5 scoring 35 points (Buster Porter, Scott Weston and Jared Henry).

The eight teams were each comprised of competitors from each of three handicap levels (high, middle and low). Drivers competed in the feature race which was made up of several racing components on the high-banked, quarter-mile speedplant.

(PHOTO: The middle handicap drivers wait in the infield for a tag from a teammate to begin the second component of the PowerShift Warrior Team race.)

All 24 drivers were scored as individual racers and placed in order according to the distance each covered. Team members earned points based on their placement in the finishing order (the winner received one point, second got two, etc). The scores of the three team members were added together and the group with the lowest cumulative total was declared the winner.

The PowerShift Warrior division, along with Thunder Road's Late Models, NAPA Sportsmen and Allen Lumber Street Stocks return to the "Nation's Site of Excitement" next Thursday (July 27) for the double-point Times Argus Mid-Season Championships. Post time is 7:00 pm.