Thunder Road SpeedBowl

NAPA Tiger Sportsman driver Shawn Fleury has been turning laps at the high banks of Thunder Road Intíl Speedbowl for 11 years. Most know Shawn as a quiet guy who speaks volumes on the race track with his stellar performances. The highlight of his career was when he became the 2005 Tiger Sportsman champion and runner-up in the American Canadian Tour (ACT) Sportsman Series. Like all other competitors he would be unable to compete if it wasnít for the dedication of his crew which is led by his father, Pete Fleury and followed by Brian Powers, Gary Powers, Scott Powers, Jason Jarvis and Steve French.
Victories and championships aside, Shawn describes his favorite thing about being a driver at Thunder Road, ďI love it when I see all of the kids in the grandstands so excited to see the race cars. Itís fun when they come down in the pits after a race. They all want your autograph and they are so eager to meet all of the drivers.Ē

Thursday, June 22nd, Shawn finished the WDEV Twin 75s second behind Justin Hart of Williamstown, Vermont. The Twin 75s victor was decided by combining the finishes from the two segments in order to award an overall winner. Shawn won the first segment and finished seventh in the second 75 lap segment for a total of eight points.
The 32-year-old became involved in racing as a teenager when he graduated from high school. He took the money he received as gifts and purchased his first race car for $300.00 and hasnít looked back. Shawn is known as a consistent driver who is respectful of his competitors and his equipment. He has proved that he is a fierce competitor who will be capturing the checkered flag and titles for years to come.