Thunder Road SpeedBowl
Late Model competitor, Trampas Demers is more than just a race car driver; he’s a Vice President, pilot and son. The South Burlington resident maintains a low profile while at the race track; even if he is a silent contender his hobbies make plenty of noise. Most know Trampas for his #85 Late Model Monte Carlo that he races weekly at Thunder Road however many may not realize that he is also a pilot. He enjoys flying his plane and helicopter; he even performs stunts in his stunt plane. He may seem like a “dare devil” but this Champlain College business graduate knows what it takes to manage a successful corporation. Trampas is the Vice President of the family business, Shelburne Limestone Corporation; he stays busy overseeing the daily operations of the company and assisting in decisions which impact the future of the business.

The second generation driver has been involved in racing for years. His father and fellow competitor Dennis was a driver in the NASCAR Busch North series. During that time Trampas was the crew chief and spotter for his father. Now the pair takes on the rest of the field as the only father and son competitors in the Late Model division to race weekly at Thunder Road. “It’s rare if we start near each other in the feature, its fun to be able to pull up next to him on the track. Not many second generation drivers can say they get that opportunity. He doesn’t race me any different than he races anyone else, and I wouldn’t expect him to. We enjoy racing against each other but we keep in mind that we are both competitors who want to come home a winner.”
The 34 year-old driver, has had some great accomplishments in his career. In 2003 Demers qualified for the pole position in the historic Milk Bowl at Thunder Road after turning a lap of 13.326 during time trials. Demers beat veteran driver Pete Fecteau by a margin of only 0.051 seconds for the top spot. “Starting on the pole for the Milk Bowl is one of the highlights of my racing career.” Another important milestone in Demers’ career was the 2005 Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic 100 at Thunder Road when he beat Champion Cris Michaud and Dave Pembroke to the checkered flag for the victory. “Winning the Mekkelsen event was really special. To have my name on the list of previous winners with legends like Bobby Dragon and Jean-Paul Cabana is remarkable.” Trampas will seek to defend his 2005 victory this Sunday, May 28th at the Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic 100 at Thunder Road in Barre. Post time for the event is 1:30 pm.