Thunder Road SpeedBowl
Following an ACT Commission hearing convened on Wednesday, June 29 to hear the appeal of Late Model competitor Rich Lowrey for his disqualification from Thunder Road's June 19 race, the commission has upheld the original decision to disqualify him from the event based on the rules infractions. He will receive no championship points or prize money. The $100 fine stands as does the season-long probation for Lowrey and crew chief Tony Andrews.

The commission, made up of Barre, Vermont's Dick Willett, a former flagman and NASCAR Race Director; North Troy, Vermont's Steve Poulin, a former NASCAR competitor and Race Director at Riverside Speedway in NH, and Jeff Blow, a former select board member from Barre Town and founder of the Vermont ShifterCarts, did make modifications to some of the penalties originally imposed. Lowrey's one week suspension was lifted and instead of losing all points earned in weekly events at Thunder Road, he has been assessed a 150 point penalty.
Tom Curley, ACT president said, "Twenty years ago we established the commission in order to allow all ACT members an unbiased hearing regarding various decisions we make. Although used infrequently, in this case, the teams were able to have a decision outside the ACT organization and we can all move forward form here. This commission has made a decision in the best interest of fans, competitors and the ACT organization."
In a related matter, Late Model competitor Joey Laquerre will be assessed the same penalties for an identical rules violation on June 23.